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Venezuelans: Temporary Protected Status is Here

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Venezuelans: Temporary Protected Status is Here

The Temporary Protected Status, best known as TPS, is a temporary immigration status created by Congress in the Immigration Act of 1990, and it is given to people from specific countries that are going through complicated situations. These countries could have been selected because they have ongoing armed conflicts, environmental disasters, or extraordinary conditions that prove to be a threat against people and a good quality of life. 

TPS has been the right step and solution for people who, already in the US, cannot go home due to the unsafety of their home country, making departure or deportation unjustified. While being on a temporary immigration status, TPS provides a work permit and stay of deportation. 


How to know if you are eligible for TPS: 

  1. Be a citizen from a country that has been selected for TPS or be someone who last resided for a long time in a one of the countries selected for TPS – even without citizenship. 
  2. File for the process during the initial registration or re-registration period established by USCIS or meet the requirements for the late initial filings during any extension provided.


What you need to file for TPS: 

  1. A copy of your passport;
  2. A copy of your birth certificate, accompanied by photo identification; and/or
  3. Any national identity document bearing your photograph issued by your country, including documents issued by your country’s Embassy or Consulate in the United States, such as a national ID card or naturalization certificate.
  4. Date of Entry Evidence such as; I-94 Arrival/Departure Record
  5. Proof of continues residence in the United states since March 8, 2021 such as: employment records, rent receipts, utility bills, receipts or letters from companies, or school records.


Our firm will always strive to keep families together. We always work four clients’ and their families’ best interests – if you’d like to know more information on TPS or to make sure that you are eligible for this status, you can schedule a consultation with our firm or call us at 469-708-5800.