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Tear down the invisible wall

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Tear down the invisible wall

Tear down the invisible wall

Mr. Biden, Tear Down the Invisible Wall

By Jorge A. Molina

The election of Mr. Biden by the slimmest of margins shows the need to heal our country. To bind up the nation’s wounds and divisions, Mr. Biden should tear down Mr. Trump’s invisible wall of hate and division.

Mr. Trump’s invisible wall has proven eerily effective at keeping family’s apart and hamstringing American businesses. Mr. Trump’s invisible wall includes a laundry list of radical policy changes and harebrained regulations designed to stop legal immigration to the United States. The most recent one by the Trump administration is its Prevailing Wage Determination Interim Rule, which in part sets the minimum entry wage level for professionals in a myriad of industries at $208,000. An amount that is obscenely out of reach for most American companies and organizations like hospitals and school districts that depend on foreign professionals to provide services to Americans. Another example is the Public Charge rule which is essentially a wealth test for would-be immigrants. Or the obscene fee increases for immigration services like naturalization that make the process cost prohibitive for so many. These policies and regulations are so cumbersome, counterproductive, and costly that they ought to be repelled within the first 100 days of the Biden administration.

In addition to the policy and regulatory changes, the Trump administration also burden and slowed the bureaucratic machinery to a halt.  The Trump administration imposed so much red tape and limited communications between the public and the immigration authorities so drastically that agencies like the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) act more and more like a Soviet style bureaucracy than a proud American agency. At USCIS now charges more to do significantly less. Let’s end the tyranny of the bureaucracy and establish healthy and solid lines of communication between the government and the public. Let’s get rid of the unnecessary red tape and get back to a culture of service.

Let’s join the 21st century and embrace electronic filing. Notably USCIS has invested in online filing but unfortunately because it has been controlled exclusively by the government the public has not embraced the electronic filing system. USCIS should allow the private sector to develop platforms that connect directly with the government to request immigration benefits. The same way that the IRS allows TurboTax or H&R Block or any number of other services to file taxes for the vast amount of the American public. These policy and regulatory changes would unleash the potential of hundreds of thousands of American families and business. That is why we need to tear down the invisible wall.