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How to be closer to your significant other with a spousal visa

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How to be closer to your significant other with a spousal visa

How to be closer to your significant other with a spousal visa

We know some dreams require big sacrifices, and in a lot of cases, those sacrifices mean being apart from your significant other while you seek better opportunities in a different country.

In the U.S., if you’re patient enough and take the right steps, after some years, it is possible to be close to your partner and give them the same chances you had with a spousal visa.

To do this, you have to file Form I-130, the document legal permanent residents or US citizens use to petition an immediate or close relative who is not in the country to immigrate to the country.

How is Form I-130 process when asking for a spousal visa

It’s important to note that Form I-130 only works if one of the people involved already lives in the US and has any of the legal status mentioned above. The main purpose of this form is to prove that the marriage is legally valid.

That is why you have to submit the corresponding Form I-130 supporting documents.  Some of the most important are joint insurance documents or joint bank account statements, photos of your relationship, etc.

There is a long list of things you can use as evidence that your marriage is real, some which you may not deem as important and others that you might be missing, which is why we’ll help you out telling you everything you need to provide.

We should not have to tell you this, but it is extremely important that all your answers are 100% truthful.

Information you need to provide

The first part in the form is information about you as a petitioner and your spouse as a beneficiary. You should answer the following information and collect documents to support it

Sponsor’s information

  • Employment history for the past 5 years
  • Date when previous marriages ended
  • Address history for the past 5 years
  • Any other petition for other foreign nationals previously filed.

Beneficiary’s information

  • Address history for the past 5 years
  • Date when previous marriages ended
  • Employment history for the past 5 years
  • Any previous immigration proceedings

Although this may seem like quite simple information, we can assure a lot of people have doubts on some of these entries.

Documents you should start preparing for the spousal visa

Wether you are filing your petition online or by postal service. Keep in mind that you should put together a package, with the following documents and the form I-130 fee.

Form I-130

Of course, the most important part is to submit your form I-130 filled correctly and accurately. If you want to know some of the best tips to not make any mistakes here, you could visit our guide here.

Cover letter

Although it is not strictly necessary to attach this information, it is very useful to list all the documents you are submitting and to state any extraordinary circumstances you are going through.

Passport photos

You should attach two passport color photos of yourself and your spouse (each) taken within 30 days of filing the petition.

Evidence of an authentic or “bona fide” marriage

A lot of people use marriage as a path to acquire a Green Card by paying someone to fake a relationship with them. This is why proving you have an authentic marriage has become such an important part of the petition.

Information regarding the authenticity of your marriage can be joint ownership or lease of property, joint financial assets, joint responsibility for financial liabilities and welfare,

Joint ownership or lease of property, proof of relationship, and shared activities.You can check more information on how to prove a bona fide marriage to help you out.

What comes after you’ve submitted Form I-130

If everything is right in your form, you will receive a notice in the mail with the time and date of your interview. This is called a G-56 call-in notice from the local field office that is handling your case.

This two-page document has instructions to reschedule the interview in case you can’t attend, as well as a list of all the documents you have to bring with you and the people who have to come.

Besides your spouse, if an attorney has helped you in the filing process, he or she should also be present at the interview.

Some additional advice

USCIS is generally very cautious about spousal petitions, so we advise you are extra careful and if possible, get help from professionals.

You don’t necessarily need to hire a lawyer, but you can use an online service to get help answering the questions in the form correctly and to know the exact documents you need to bring.

Don’t be nervous about the interview process, a quick consultation with a professional can help you know what to expect, and how to handle it. If you haven’t lied and know you comply with all the requirements to file the petition, everything should go swiftly.