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A Complete Guide To Filing a Family Petition

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A Complete Guide To Filing a Family Petition

Making the decision to start an immigration process is an important step in anyone’s life, so it’s just as important to be as informed as possible on what you need so you can be ready before you start a case. If you have been asking yourself how to proceed into filing a Form I-130, best known as Family Petition, we tell you more about it here. 

What is a Family Petition and do I need it? 

Usually form I-130 must be filed in order to petition a relative. There are different categories, depending mostly on the person you want to petition. If this person, referred to as Beneficiary, is an immediate relative (spouse, or minor children) of a US Citizen then a visa is automatically ready for the Beneficiary. Filing an I-130 is definitely the first step into being able to help your loved one reach a permanent legal status in the U.S.; even though the steps upon approval for the Family Petition may differ, this is what you need to begin. 

These are the documents you will need to send with your Family Petition application: 

  • The petitioner’s birth certificate or citizenship certificate 

  • The beneficiary’s birth certificate 

  • The beneficiary and petitioner’s marriage certificate 

  • Your children’s (if any) birth certificates 

  • If any was married before, divorce certificate 

  • If a widower, death certificate 

  • A picture of each spouse, children do not need to present a picture 

  • If applicable, copies of records of any previous cases with Immigration Services 

  • Proof of valid marriage 


Once your Family Petition is approved you can proceed with an Adjustment of Status or Consular Process, depending on your case.. If you are not sure how to proceed, or if you’d prefer to have legal representation during your Family Petition case, the  J. Molina Law Firm can assist you in finding the right immigration strategy for you.

You can call us at 469-708-5800 or schedule a meeting with us. We are driven by our commitment ti keeping y families together.  You can count on us to make sure your immigration needs are met – call today!