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Can I Apply For a Work Permit?

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Can I Apply For a Work Permit?

We understand how important it is to be able to support yourself and your family. In the United States employers have the obligation to make sure that their employees can work in the US, regardless of citizenship or national origin.

To get an Employment Authorization Document (“EAD”), also known as Work Permit, you need to file Form I-765. It is very important to remember that without the proper authorization, working in the US is not permitted and could put you and any immigration process in risk. However, applying for the Work Permit is not difficult!

How Do I Apply for a Work Permit?

If you apply for this application separately, you will need the following:

  1. Copy of your I-94 travel record (front and back), physical or digital, if available – this document is provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
  2. Copy of your U.S. visa on your travel document or passport.
  3. Copy of your passport photo page.
  4. Copies of previous work permits, if any.
  5. Two passport sized pictures.
  6. Copy of a receipt notice for the immigration process you are currently under.


And if this is the first time sending a Work Permit, you also need to send your Birth Certificate and a photo ID, copy of a visa from a consulate or country other than the U.S, and any other national document identity document with your photo and/or fingerprint.

To make the process quicker, we recommend you apply for both at the same time in a well-presented package. This could help in getting the work permit sooner and be able to have work authorization. If you want an expert to help you with your process, you can schedule a meeting with us. Or for more information, you can always call us at 469-708-5800. Call today!